My drive to coach is for every athlete who has ever struggled or yearned for something more than they currently have.
I came in my Freshman year of college with high expectations regarding my athletic career. Yet I crumbled, championship after championship. At the end of my junior year I found myself at a crossroads regarding the sport I once loved more than anything in life. I digressed from my current approach and evaluated my lack of progress. Identifying my road block was not due to my physical hindrances.
I was going through the motions, training harder and smarter than years prior but the most important factor was lacking, my mentality.
Mental deterrents I faced seasons prior prevented me from moving up poles, athletically progressing, and ultimately clearing higher bars. Regardless of my physical efforts without confidence I never truly believed what I could achieve and for three consecutive years I was unable to reach a new personal record.


If I were to change all that I know the thought remained: what if I fail again?
I questioned if the pain and perseverance dedication took was worth the indefinite gain. These factors closed in on me as my driving force to excel became a diminishing dwindling light. Yet, there was a small part of me that couldn’t accept defeat and wasn’t ready to give up. The summer between my Junior and Senior year I made a plan to believe in what I could achieve.
My key focus consisted of reconstructing everything I believed in.
Every practice, every meet, every technical session I treated like my last. Constantly reaffirming my mind “I will become unrecognizable at the end of the season”, the only thing stopping me is myself. I held myself accountable for getting on bigger poles, running longer runs, and pushing my standard higher. I would ensure I left nothing behind, made no excuses, and had only myself to blame if I didn’t reach my goals.


During this journey I found not every meet was a success.
In fact the incremental progress was so small it sometimes felt I was going nowhere. What kept me going somewhere was realizing my path was not one to be walked alone. I listened to and accepted the constant guidance and positive reinforcement my support system offered. When in times of doubt I turned to those I trusted, whom, offered me the confidence I needed to fuel my growing flame.

My strong support system became invaluable.
With my supporters on my side and countless hours of training I continued to persevere and believe all my hard work would pay off. The pieces of me that had been missing for years slowly started to fall back into place. What I, as an individual, was lacking had once again been restored.


With the pieces of my life aligned a fire of confidence was ignited
I suddenly became part of something so much bigger than just a track team. My dwindling light had been rekindled and during my final championship meet I led the competition in 1st place till the height I missed, placing me 3rd overall, setting a personal record, taking 2nd highest jump in my University’s history, and qualifying for NCAA Division II National Championships.


What’s the meaning of this story?
I want anyone who walks through our doors to believe anything is possible if you put your mind to it. Any day can be yours. Any failure can be turned into a success and your road to success shouldn’t be walked alone. You must find your “we” and as a collective triumph. I want all of you to choose to put your best foot forward and treat every competition, every practice like they are your last and in the process I hope our team can become part of your “we”.

Head Coach

Personal Record: 12-4

Head Coach

Personal Record: 12-4


  • Over 10 Years Coaching Experience.
  • 4th Year Pole Vault, Hurdles, & Strength/Power Coach, Conestoga High School
  • 2x Indoor & Outdoor New Balance
    National Championship Competitor 2014.
  • 2x NCAA Division II Indoor & Outdoor Nationally Ranked 2017-2018.
  • 22x USTFCCCA Indoor & Outdoor All-Atlantic Region 2017-2018.
    • Awarded to Top-5 Highest Jumps in The Region.
  • 2nd Highest Indoor & Outdoor Pole Vault in Kutztown University’s History 2018.
  • Qualified/Competed in all Indoor and Outdoor PSAC Championships.
    • 3rd place in PSAC Outdoor Championship 2018.


  • Athlete of The Year Award UMHS 2014.
  • Women’s Track & Field Athletic Scholarship.
  • Women’s Cross Country/Track Athletic Scholarship.
  • Track & Field Legacy Scholarship.
  • PSAC Scholar-Athlete.
    • Awarded to Full-Time Student Athletes With a GPA ≥ 3.25.
  • All-PSAC Honors Award.
    • Recognizing Top Place Finishers.
  • PSAC All Conference Award.
    • Recognizing Top Place Finishers.
  • Golden Bear Honors Recognition.
    • Recognizing Award Winning Student Athletes.


  • USA Olympic Triathlon National Championships Competitor 2019.
  • USA Olympic Triathlon Age Group 2nd Place Finisher 2018.
  • Delmo Sports Olympic Triathlon AC 2nd Place Finisher 2018.
  • 2x IRONMAN AC 5th Place Finisher (2018 & 2019).
  • 5x 70.3 Mile Iron Man Competitor (2018-2020).
  • Former Field Hockey and Lacrosse Club & High School Athlete 2008-2014
  • Molecular Biology and Biochemistry Undergrad Major.
  • Former Biopharmaceutical Scientist who worked on:
  • COVID-19 Vaccine Sample Management & Quality Assessment 2020-2021.
  • As part of a team, successfully executed worlds 1st Lentivirus Viral Vector manufacturing engineering run for cell therapy patients 2018-2019.
  • Gene and Cell Therapy Manufacturing & Viral Vector Engineering 2018-2019.


How do we know our training programs work? We preach what we practice.
Our programs were created through our own experiences, successes and failures. Our head coach and owner carries a diversified portfolio regarding coaching methodology, competitively competing, excelling, and building high end peak training programs. She carries a well-rounded understanding towards numerous disciplines in Track & Field from collegiately competing in DII Track & Field, being nationally ranked 8x in Pole Vault, competing in the USA National Olympic Triathlon championships, and placing top 5 in three out of five 70.3 mile IRONMAN triathlon races she’s competed in. However, these accomplishments weren’t easily obtained and took years to achieve. There were far more failures than successes. During this process training processes were altered to develop training which provides consistent growth.
Through her knowledge from past training, competitions, and coaching we have developed training routines which focus on athletes at the individual level and are centered on cultivating well-balanced individuals. All of our programs place an equal emphasis on training technique, conditioning, strength, explosiveness, power, and flexibility/mobility. While our psychological focus emphasizes developing a strong work ethic teaching our athletes to dedicate themselves to their goals on and off the track. We aim to engrain perseverance through overcoming our failures and attaining success all while influencing positive lifestyle choices to optimize performances.