a swimmer man and rugby player man a swimmer man and rugby player man


Individualized training at a small group level, ensuring one on one work with our coaches.
We look to improve our foundational base while targeting weaknesses and advancing strengths. Goals of classes are specific to each client and programs are designed for you, built around your training needs.


Programs created for all levels and ages to challenge yourself or to engage in a quality workout.
The level of difficulty is for you to decide through how hard you push yourself each class. These workouts are designed to elevate your fitness level. We hold a variety of class structures typically mixing aerobic and anaerobic exercises.
a man lifting dumbbells in the gym a man lifting dumbbells in the gym
a woman lifting dumbbells in the gym a woman lifting dumbbells in the gym


Personalized instruction in a one on one environment.
You’ll gain a high quality level of insight, understanding, and knowledge regarding training, technical aspects, and body functionality. This level of training is suitable for individuals new to training, injury recovery, athletes looking to take their game to the next level, clients who want to learn and or target a specific program to build upon.


Team sessions are for all ages and levels.
Focusing on building well-rounded athletes with a strong foundational base through conditioning, strength, technique, explosiveness, power, plyometrics, flexibility and mobility. Classes also develop mental toughness while establishing confidence as individual athletes and a team.
rugby players do strategy conversation rugby players do strategy conversation
a man doing martial arts a man doing martial arts


A comprehensive fitness evaluation.
Encompassing a series of tests in order to identify goals, needs, and abilities of each client or athlete. Our assessment process allows us to curate training programs specific to your strengths and weaknesses while providing a tangible scale in showing your growth and progress. Re-testing on a regular basis allows us to measure progress from our baseline test to continue adapting training.